April 7: World Health Day

World health Day was observed all over the world on April 7, 2015. Theme for year 2015 was “food safety” with the slogan from farm to plate, make food safe.
The theme highlights

  • Need to make food free from viruses, microbes and chemicals substances that are responsible for more than 200 diseases. Indirectly unsafe food is linked to the annual deaths of some 2 million people, mostly children.
  • Need to create awareness about food safety as it possesses challenges from the changes in food production, distribution and consumption.
  • Changes in the environment and new emerging pathogens and antimicrobial resistance are also challenge to food safety.

In this regard, WHO is also working with countries to strengthen efforts to detect, prevent and respond to foodborne disease outbreaks in line with the Codex Alimentarius.

About World Health Day

  • Every year on April 7, World Health Day is celebrated under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Purpose: To focus on increasing the life expectancy by adding good health to the lives of people and promoting healthier living habits.
  • This day marks the WHO’s founding and is observed since 1950,
  • Since then April 7 every year is seen as an opportunity by the WHO to draw worldwide attention to a subject of major importance to global health each year.



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