Andhra Pradesh inks MoU with Alphabet InC.’s X to adopt FSOC technology

Andhra Pradesh government has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Alphabet InC.’s X (Google X) to bring Free Space Optical Communication (FSOC) technology to India.
The purpose of the FSOC project is to provide high quality & affordable digital services through internet under state government’s Fiber grid project.

Key Facts

By using FSOC technology, Andhra Pradesh will be able to use better bandwidth data to every house hold including houses in tribal belt. This association with X labs to implement FSOC in Andhra Pradesh is first in the world to provide wireless internet connection at higher speed of up to 20Gbps and to a distance of up to 20kms.
Under this MoU, X Labs will initially supply state government with 2000 FSOC links. X engineers experts on site in state will work with government personnel to identify and select suitable sites for deployment of t FSOC links. It will also set up a local office with help of Andhra Pradesh Government in order to provide real time support for smooth operation of the project


This significant partnership will offer a major boost to the state’s digital infrastructure and help overcome hindrances in terms of connecting isolated and difficult terrain, forest areas, river crossings, railway crossings, etc.

Fiber grid project

Andhra Pradesh Government’s Fiber grid is an ambitious project launched to give affordable high speed internet connection to every household in the state. It aims to connect over 1.45 crore households, 60000 schools, 12198 Panchayats, 10000 government offices, 670 mandal Offices, 96 municipalities, 14 corporations, 6000 Public Health Centres (PHCs) with high speed internet.