Andhra Pradesh: ‘Amma Hastham’ scheme for white cardholders

The Andhra Pradesh State Government launched a scheme “Amma Hastham” (mother’s hand) in order to supply 9 essential food items to poor at subsidized rates.
The 9 essential item mentioned in the scheme includes a kilo of:
1 kg toor dal, 1 litre palm oil, 1 kg whole meal atta, 1 kg wheat, half kg sugar, 1 kg salt, quarter kg chilli powder, half kg tamarind and 100 grams turmeric powder.
The ‘Amma Hstam’ scheme is named after Late Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.  Around 2,20,00,000 poor families will be profited with the launch of the scheme that is to be run on an additional yearly load of 660 crore rupees on the state exchequer.
The scheme has been established to counter criticism that supply of rice alone at a subsidised price to white cardholders without furnishing other crucial items would not serve the coveted aim.



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