Amid visa interruption, Indian youth delegation visits China

An Indian youth delegation of students, young politicians, sportspeople and artists are on a visit to three Chinese cities. The trip is organized in the direction to bridge fallacies and communicate to China’s next generation. But the trip marred with controversy as Chinese Embassy denied visa to a student from Arunachal Pradesh who was part of the group. The trip was also on the verge of postponement due to bureaucratic delays.

China has a history of a rigid policy of not providing visas to residents of Arunachal Pradesh, which it has claims on and refers to as “South Tibet.” In 2011, members of a karate team from the State who were travelling to China for a competition were issued stapled visas.

Two students from Jammu and Kashmir, who are also part of the delegation, received regular visas, which suggest a change in China’s earlier stapled visa policy.



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