American actor Abe Vigoda passes away

American actor Abe Vigoda best known for roles in The Godfather and Barney Miller, a sitcom of 1970s passed away in New Jersey, US. He was 94.
His most famous role was as the grumpy and deadpan Detective Sergeant Phil Fish in the Barney Miller police comedy series.

About Abe Vigoda

  • Born as Abraham Charles Vigoda on February 24, 1921 in Brooklyn, New York.
  • He had tended the Theater School of Dramatic Arts at Carnegie Hall, New York. He made acting appearances in very early television episodes of Suspense and Studio One 1949.
  • His debut in the cinema was inn Three Rooms in Manhattan in 1965. He got his fame when after he was cast as a mobster Tessio in the Oscar-winning film The Godfather in 1972.
  • He was famous for his role as cop Phil Fish in TV series Barney Miller after he was casted in 1974. This role had brought him greatest recognition.
  • He was also popular as an actor in films including ‘Look Who’s Talking, Cannonball Run II, Joe Versus the Volcano and North.



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