Algeria cuts Diplomatic Ties with Morocco

Algeria has cut its diplomatic ties with Morocco due to hostile actions after months of resurgent tensions between both the countries.


  • Both the countries have been accusing one another of supporting opposition movements as proxies.
  • Algeria has been supporting separatists in the Western Sahara region. This is the main bone of contention for Morocco.


Rivalry between Algeria and Morocco took a new twist in 2020 when the former U.S. President, Donald Trump, recognised Moroccan sovereignty over the territory in return for Morocco normalising its ties with Israel.

Western Sahara conflict

It is the conflict between Polisario Front and Kingdom of Morocco. Polisario Front is the national liberation movement of Sahrawi tribe who seek to end the Moroccan presence in Western Sahara. Under the Madrid Accords of 1975 with Mauritania & Morocco, Spain left the region in 1976. Until its exit, Spanish Governor-General administer the territory, with the help of two Mauritanian and Moroccan Deputy Governors. But Polisario Front opposed these agreements. Thus, Mauritania and Morocco sent their troops to claim the Western Sahara region.

Western Sahara region

This region was a Spanish colony, sharing its border with Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania. The region is home to Sahrawi tribe.

Present Status of the Conflict

The conflict continued for 4 years after 1976. Mauritania signed a peace treaty with Polisario in 1979 and withdrew its military forces from Western Sahara region. But Morocco advanced its troops and the war between Moroccan troops and Polisario Front continued till 1991. A ceasefire was agreed upon in 1991. Morocco was already having control over 80% of the territory.




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