AI for Agriculture Hackathon: Key Highlights

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Agriculture Hackathon was begun by Google, MyGov and HUL to improve AI solutions in the field of Agriculture.

About AI for Agriculture Hackathon

  • Under the AI for Agriculture Hackathon, the participants will develop ideas and will build prototypes that solve the challenges faced by farmers in water usage and sustainability. Basically, the initiative aims to conserve water and bring upon innovative methods to utilise minimal amount of water.
  • The initiative was launched on World Water Day.
  • More than 80% of fresh water in India is used in agriculture. Therefore, it is important to improve the efficiency of usage of water in the field of agriculture.

AI in Indian Agriculture

The AI applications in agriculture have reached a value of 1 billion USD and is expected to grow till 8 billion USD by 2030. Currently, the agriculture market of India is valued at 204 billion USD. However, the Indian Agriculture Market has reached only 1% of its potential in the field. With diversity in soil types, topography and climate, India has huge potential for AI experts and data scientists to develop AI solutions for agriculture.

Significance of AI in Agriculture

  • AI will help farmers analyze variety of things such as temperature, weather conditions, water usage and soil conditions. This will help them in making better decision.
  • AI Sensors will help in detecting and targeting weeds. This will help to prevent over-application of herbicides and will eventually prevent high levels of toxins in food.
  • AI technology shall be used in detecting diseases in plants.
  • As very few people are entering farming profession, Artificial Intelligence will help to overcome the problem of shortage of workers in the field of agriculture.




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