7 new species of water treaders belonging to genus Mesovelia discovered

Scientists from Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) have discovered seven new species of water treaders belonging to genus Mesovelia. Water treaders are semi-aquatic insects that can walk or run on surface of water. These new discoveries include Mesovelia andamana is from Andaman Islands, M. isiasi and M. bispinosa are from Meghalaya, M. tenuia and M. occulta from Tamil Nadu and M. dilatata and M. brevia live both in Meghalaya and Tamil Nadu.

About new species

The newly described species belong to genus Mesovelia. Their size ranges from 1.5 mm to 4.5 mm. They are equipped with hydrophobic setae (bristles) on their legs. The combination of water surface tension and hydrophobic setae prevents them from sinking. They are hemimetabolous insects i.e. they do not have larval stage i.e., they go from egg to nymph to adult. They are pale green with silver-white wings with black veins on basal half which make them stand out over green mat of aquatic weeds. They are found on freshwater bodies such as lakes, pools, streams, ponds, rocks with moss and sometimes on estuaries.




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