50 Soldiers killed in Syria in separate attacks

The governmental forces of Syria came under separate attacks from both the ISIL and al-Qaeda fighters and other rebels linked to them in different parts of the country. Nearly 50 soldiers and other allied fighters had lost their lives in the attack.

In a notable attack, the forces of Islamic State of Iraq and Levant had attacked the Syrian forces in the Homs desert province thereby starting clashes which had killed 27 soldiers which included 4 officers as per the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Liwa al-Quds, a pro-governmental militia, later confirmed that it had also sent its fighters for the liberation of two besieged battalions, each of which was comprised of around 500 soldiers in the eastern town of al-Sukhna. The group in its Facebook post said that they had been successful in liberating the soldiers who were surviving before they pulled the bodies of those who were killed and even pulled out many damaged vehicles to safety.

Liwa al-Quds is one of the best militias which operate alongside the government troops. It has not reported any casualties. The battalions which had been under attack were the ones which had been in the desert in search for various army divisions which had disappeared in the last few days.

Although ISIL had lost its last stronghold to the Syrian government forces after it battled for months the US-led forces in the province of Deir Az Zor which lies to the east, its fighters still remain active in the stretches of deserts which lie to the west of Deir Az Zor where these have taken refuge and are increasingly targeting the government troops and allied militia.

It is also reported that the armed group has kept the sleeper cells active in both countries. The group had once controlled huge parts of Syria and Iraq. The media operations of the group were also active. The news of the latest attack was put up on the Aamaq website of the ISIL. It said the attack which took place in the east of al-Sukhna in which nearly two dozen Syrian soldiers had been killed in just 24 hours of clashes.

The fighters later seized the ammunition and vehicles of the Syrian government. In another isolated attack on the Syrian forces, al-Qaeda fighters linked Hay’et Tahir al-Sham in the north-western part of Syria.





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