4 Bills on population control in Lok Sabha

In the Lok Sabha, on Friday, one member from JD (U) three members from BJP will move Private Members’ Bills on population control in the house.



  • Out of the four, Ravi Kishan BJP MP from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is also in the national news as this state is also in the process of drafting a population control Bill for the state.
  • Sushil Kumar Singh of Bihar has put forward a bill that seeks to set up a National Population Planning Authority and a District Population Planning Committee. This will be set up in the national as well as the district level with the aim to promote family planning to keep the population under control.
  • JD (U)’s Dr Alok Kumar Suman, who is also from Bihar, is moving a Bill that that draws attention to the implication of overpopulation affecting the progress of the nation in the long run. This bill mentions the need to promoting the small family norms of up to two children.


Recently, Population control bill is making the news, as the different parties do not share similar viewpoint regarding the passing and creation of this bill.

An analysis of the data on the Lok Sabha members show that 168 out of the present 540 MPs have more than two children.




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