2 Dead: Apartment building collapsed due to rain in Brazil

The adjacent apartment buildings collapsed and killed 2 in Rio de Janerio on Friday.  The torrential rains in Brazil created havoc in the city. The adjacent roads to the building were washed away by the rain. Many of the buildings in the city are poorly constructed without the permission from the city officials.

The buildings in the Muzema area were also damaged by the rain. The locals complain the government for not taking actions. Many relatives complained that they received no news about their loved ones inside the building. Rains delayed the rescue operations. However, the government in 2017 demolished illegal buildings in the area. The locals claimed that the buildings are fast built immediately after demolishing.

The land rights are sold by the public so easily just like water and electricity in the city. There was no awareness among the locals about the land rights. The building ruling compliances are also frequently defied.

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