What is Component Testing?

Component Testing is a testing practice which is done on those objects which can be tested independently without combining them with other components like modules, classes, objects, programs etc. It is also known as module testing or program testing. The developer makes use of real data and not the dummy data for performing the test […]

What is the meaning of Clickjacking?

The phenomenon of the hijacking of clicks of a user on a website and thereby translating the user click on malicious content which often leads to leaking of confidential information is known as clickjacking. It can happen on any browser or any platform as it depends on the vulnerability of the user interface of the […]

What is the meaning of Cryogenic Engine?

Cryogenics refers to the study of the production and effects on the behaviour of materials at highly low temperatures i.e. below – 150-degree centigrade. It is technically a complex system as the propellants are used at very low temperatures. Each kilogram of cryogenic propellant gives more force than other solid or liquid propellants used in […]

What is Cross-site scripting?

Cross-site scripting also referred to as XSS is a security lapse in computers which allows the attackers to infuse client-side scripts into various web pages which are being seen by other users. It is responsible for about 85% of website security vulnerabilities. It is used by the attackers to surpass all kinds of access controls. […]

What is a Computer Worm?

Computer Worm refers to a self-replicating malware which severely disrupts the functions of various software and hardware programs. It shares similarities with the computer virus as both can replicate themselves and further spread to various networks. However, unlike viruses which stick to particular files before diffusing inside the computer, worms are standalone software or separate […]

What is Chandrayaan I?

Chandrayaan 1 is the first lunar probe of India launched by Indian Space Research Organization in October 2008. It was launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre. The unmanned spacecraft weighed about 1380 kgs with 11 payloads made in India, UK, USA, Germany, Bulgaria and Sweden. The aim of the mission was to study the lunar […]

Who is a Beneficiary?

A beneficiary is a person who stands eligible for receiving benefits or distributions from a trust, will or insurance policies. He/she is either specifically named in these documents or are most eligible as per the speculations. The eligibility is determined either by the documents or the legal norms which will define a legal heir. The […]

What is a Bug Triage?

Triage is a French term which is derived from the word Trier. It is a medical term which refers to separating, selecting and sorting of patients depending on the severity of their condition to be able to maximally help them especially when the resources are scarce. Likewise, in software testing, it refers to defining the […]

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate is a measure of website traffic and stands for single-page visits on the website. It defines the visitors who visit the website without undertaking any other activity like visiting any other link on the site. The visitors thus limit their activity to landing page only and exit on the next one. It is […]

What is the meaning of ‘Black-box Testing’?

Black-box Testing also is known as functional testing is a strategy to test only the functionality of the application and not the structure of the program. The internal mechanism of the system is ignored and the main aim is to focus on outputs generated as a response to select inputs and other conditions of execution. […]