All about Lips-shades, textures and care

Its summer and the rains have also arrived. This time is especially full of weather surprises as you may dress for sun and it may start raining giving your makeup choice a big blow. The mood, makeup and attire are all light just to match the summer sun. Anything dark and glossy will not only be stark contrast but lout and transform you from that perfect femme’ fatale look to a complete fatality of your looks. The dress codes go from silks to sheers and colors lighten up from maroons to pinks. The summer season calls for caution as far as makeup and dressing is concerned. It requires you to explore much more than just textures and shades which match your skin. It will be insane and make you look one if some subtle things are not kept in mind. As makeup takes a back seat so it will be your lips who will have to support your look entirely. Here is a quick guide to that mesmerizing lip art and looks.
1. Always remember that makeup and its intensity depends a lot on season and time of the day. So ignoring this commandment can be suicidal and lead to a major fashion disaster. In addition, one also has to keep in mind the skin-type, lip-size and lastly the occasion.
2. Talking of summers too there are wide variations depending on dry season or monsoons. This will dominate the textures more as colors are generally mild. Where mild matte shades play a perfect game in the day-time, the night themes can be topped with gloss appeals but with restraint. The outlines go blurred in this season and so does the highlighting.
3. The makeup is based on the audience which one has to face. Our work will not allow loud strokes and the party-theme may fall apart on flat tones. One has to strike a clear balance.
4. Summer days love light shades of pink, peach, etc. in matter version. The night however does give the leeway to touch shades of gold beach and light browns. There should be no outlines and base applied. Gloss never goes along with humid weather as it looks like an extended display of outside moisture.
5. Lastly, make sure to keep your lips supple by keeping them covered every time when you plan to face the sun. Lip care is as important as lip makeup. Hydration is essential for that perfect after make-up effect. Olive oil, lemon and honey are great for care. Chapped lips are commonplace and thus one needs to have a balm handy.