UPSC Mains Questions on Current Affairs: October 2, 2017

  1. Even after various initiatives rural population especially women are out the digital financial ecosystem. What steps do you think should be taken for the inclusion of rural women in the digital financial ecosystem?
Financial Express

Category – GS-III: Indian Economy & Development

  1. Exports play a prominent role in India’s economic scenario. To what extent, GST can play a role of the export multiplier? Discuss.
Financial Express| The Hindu Business Line

Category – GS-III: Indian Economy & Development

  1. The benefits of demographic divided cannot be reaped without providing skills to the large unskilled population. Discuss connecting skill development with skewed workforce.
Daily Pioneer

Category – GS-II: Welfare schemes for vulnerable sections of the population by the Centre and States and the performance of these schemes

  1. Climate change and over exploitation of water resources have put pressure on rivers. Discuss what remedial measures should be taken to save rivers.

Category – GS-III- Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment.

  1. While highlighting the demands of the referendum in Catalonia, critically discuss if Spain’s response is justified. Discuss.
Al Jazeera | Indepedent

Category – GS-II: International Relations

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Category: UPSC Mains Current Affairs Questions for Writing Practice