GS Mains Test Series: 2018

No.PaperSyllabusQuestion PaperSolution / Hint Answers
1GS-IIndian Culture, HistoryClick HereClick Here
2GS-IIPolity & GovernanceClick HereClick Here
3GS-IIIIndian EconomyClick HereClick Here
4GS-IVFull LengthClick HereClick Here
5GS-IWorld History & GeographyClick HereClick Here
6GS-IISocial Justice & GovernanceClick HereClick Here
7GS-IIISci-Tech, Env & DMClick HereClick Here
8GS-IVFull LengthClick HereClick Here
9GS-IIndian SocietyClick HereClick Here
10GS-IIInternational RelationsClick HereClick Here
11GS-IIIInternal & External SecurityClick HereClick Here
12GS-IVFull LengthClick HereClick Here
Date of Uploading Question Papers: 13 June, 2018 | Last Date of Submitting All Four Answer Sheets: 30 June, 2018*
13GS-IFull LengthClick HereClick Here
14GS-IIFull LengthClick HereClick Here
15GS-IIIFull LengthClick HereClick Here
16GS-IVFull LengthClick HereClick Here
Date of Uploading Question Papers: June 23, 2018 | Last Date of Submitting All Four Answer Sheets: July 15, 2018*
17GS-IFull LengthClick HereClick Here
18GS-IIFull LengthClick HereClick Here
19GS-IIIFull LengthClick HereClick Here
20GS-IVFull LengthClick HereClick Here
Date of Uploading Question Papers: July 1, 2018 | Last Date of Submitting All Four Answer Sheets: August 5, 2018*
21GS-IFull LengthClick HereClick Here
22GS-IIFull LengthClick HereClick Here
23GS-IIIFull LengthClick HereClick Here
24GS-IVFull LengthClick HereClick Here
*Answer Sheets are to be submitted by only members who joined Target 2018 (with evaluation)

Current General Studies - 2018 for Prelims /Mains

Document NameNews CoverageTentative DateDownload Link
2018-CGS-1October 15-31, 2017November 3, 2017 Click Here
2018-CGS-2November 1-15, 2017November 17, 2017Click Here
2018-CGS-3November 16-30, 2017December 3, 2017Click Here
2018-CGS-4December 1-15, 2017December 17, 2017Click Here
2018-CGS-5December 16-31, 2017January 3, 2018Click Here
2018-CGS-6January 1-15, 2018January 17, 2018Click Here
2018-CGS-7January 16-18, 2018February 3, 2018Click Here
IYB-2018India Year Book - 2018: Relevant FactsClick Here
2018-CGS-8February 1-15, 2018February 17, 2018Click Here
2018-CGS-9February 16-28, 2018March 3, 2018Click Here
2018-CGS-10March 1-15, 2018March 17, 2018Click Here
2018-CGS-11March 16-31, 2018April 3, 2018Click Here
2018-CGS-12April 1-13, 2018April 13, 2018Click Here
2018-CGS-13April 14-30, 2018May 3, 2018Click Here
2018-CGS-14May 1-20, 2018May 21, 2018Click Here
2018-CGS-15May 21-June 15, 2018June 18, 2018
All dates and numbers of documents are tentative and subject to adjustments.

Current General Studies Mains-2018: Revision Handouts

ModuleTopicsTentative DateLink
CGS-1Current Topics on Indian Art, Literature and ArchitectureJune 17, 2018Download
CGS-2Current Topics on Modern Indian & World HistoryJune 20, 2018Download
CGS-3Current Topics on Indian Society and Social IssuesJune 24, 2018Download
CGS-4Current Topics on GeographyJune 28, 2018Download
CGS-5Current Topics on Indian ConstitutionJuly 2, 2018Download
CGS-6Current Topics on Constitutional, Statutory, regulatory and various quasi-judicial bodiesJuly 6, 2018Download
CGS-7Current Topics on Protection of Vulnerable SectionsJuly 10, 2018Download
CGS-8Government Development Schemes, Development Industry, NGOs etc.July 14, 2018Download
CGS-9Current Topics in Health, Education & Human Resources SectorsJuly 18, 2018Download
CGS-10Current Topics in Poverty, Hunger, UnemploymentJuly 22, 2018Download
CGS-11Current Topics in Governance & E-Governance, Civil ServicesJuly 26, 2018Download
CGS-12Current Topics in India's Neighbourhood and Extended Neighbourhood RelationsJuly 30, 2018Download
CGS-13Current Topics in International Affairs & International OrganizationsAugust 3, 2018Download
CGS-14Current Topics on Planning & Niti Aayog effortsAugust 7, 2018Download
CGS-15Current Topics on Government Budget and Resource Mobilization related issuesAugust 11, 2018Download
CGS-16Current Topics on Primary Sector of EconomyAugust 15, 2018Download
CGS-17Current Topics on Secondary,  Tertiary and Quaternary Sectors of EconomyAugust 19, 2018Download
CGS-18Current Topics on Energy SectorAugust 23, 2018Download
CGS-19Current Topics on Ports, Roads, Railways and Civil Aviation SectorsAugust 27, 2018Download
CGS-20Current Topics on Land Reforms and Land Related IssuesAugust 31, 2018Download
CGS-21Current Topics in Science & TechnologySeptember 4, 2018Download
CGS-22Current Topics in Environment & Disaster ManagementSeptember 8, 2018Download
CGS-23Current Topics in Internal SecuritySeptember 12, 2018Download
CGS-24Current Topics in External Security, Border Management, Security Forces Related IssuesSeptember 16, 2018Download
CGS-25Current Topics on Corruption, RTI, Transparency, Citizen Charters, Public Service etc.September 20, 2018Download