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Amazon Quiz Time Answers-30th April 2020

1. Which of these is a real time statistics website owned and operated by Dadax, which has come to prominence during the COVID-19 outbreak? Answer: Worldometer 2. ‘Innovate for a Green Future’ is the 2020 slogan for which day that is to be observed on April 26th? Answer: World Intellectual Property Day 3. Every bowler ..

Current Affairs Quiz: April 30, 2020

Amazon Quiz Time Answers-29th April 2020

1. NASA’s Juno spacecraft recently captured a stunning image of the northern regions of which solar body and its swirling, chaotic atmosphere? Answer: Jupiter 2. The Red Guardian is a character to be introduced to the MCU in the Black Widow movie. In which country was he born? Answer: Russia 3. How do we better ..

Current Affairs Quiz: April 29, 2020

Current Affairs Quiz: April 28, 2020