GKToday Archives: September, 2016

Krishna in Classical Dances

Legends say that hearing the call of Krishna’s flute, hoard of Gopis went in search of him. Krishna then multiplied himself and danced with each Gopi, as he felt that he owed the Gopis a debt that can never be ..

Puppetry Art in India

In Puppet Theatre various forms, known as puppets, are used to illustrate the narratives. In India, the roots of the puppet theatre lie in a dancer’s mask. Excavations at several Harappan sites have revealed a number of toys whose body ..

Issues with Cadre Based Organisation of Civil Services in India

Once the candidatures are selected for All India Services, they are allocated cadres. By cadre we mean the small units of a large organization. The officers of All India Services are organized into cadres, derived from the states they are allotted ..

Folk Theatre in India

Bharata’s Natyashastra was the earliest and most elaborate treatise on dramaturgy written anywhere in the world. India has a longest and richest tradition in theatre going back to at least 5000 years. The origin of Indian theatre is closely related ..

Minister – Civil Servant Relationship

In a democracy, power vests with the people. This power is exercised through its elected representatives who have the mandate to govern them for a specific period. The civil services by virtue of its knowledge, experience and understanding of public ..

Folk Music and Dance of India

Brihaddeshi was the first text that speaks about rāga and distinguishes the music genres into Marga Sangeet (Classical Music) and Desi Sangeet (Folk Music). Important Folk Music of India Uttarakhandi folk music had its root in the lap of nature. ..