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Third Carnatic War

Third Carnatic War 1757-63 The conflict between the France and England got renewed in 1756 in Europe, in the form of Seven Years War, which is coterminous with the Third Carnatic War. The Third Carnatic war was a local version ..

Rise of Lord Clive

End of Dupleix Career & Rise of Clive The end of the Second Carnatic war brought a disaster for Dupleix. The French Government recalled him and Dupleix was compelled to embark for France on 12 October 1754. He had not ..

Second Carnatic War

Second Carnatic War 1749-54 France and England were at Peace during the Second Carnatic War. In 1748, the Nizam of Hyderabad Asaf Jah I died and there was a civil war for succession broke out. This Civil war of succession ..

First Carnatic War

First Carnatic War 1746-48 was a part of the War of the Austrian Succession that was fought between the Kingdom of Prussia, Spain, France, and Bavaria, Sweden etc. on one side and Habsburg Monarchy, England, Dutch Republic, Russia on the other side. This war ..


Robert Clive (born 1725) was appointed as Clerk in the service of the East India Company in 1743. The Seize of Arcot (1761) during Second Carnatic War gave a major boost to his career and he became deputy governor of ..

Beginning of French and British East India Companies – The State of Affairs in Deccan

The political history of the British in India begins with the Carnatic Wars, which were fought in the early eighteenth century. The Fort St. George or Madras was the first territorial possession of the British in India acquired in 1639. ..