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Quiz 534: GK Questions for Civil Services Examination

12345678910 1). Who among the following appoints/ nominates the chairperson of the National Commission for Women? President Central Government Vice President President on recommendation of a Parliament committee 2). In which of the following insects, a pigment called luciferin is found? Housefly Firefly Sandfly Fruitfly 3). Consider the following statements: National Data Bank (NDB) has ..


Quiz 533: General Awareness Questions

12345678910 1). Which among the following South East Asian country is Landlocked? Cambodia Brunei Laos Vietnam 2). Cayman Islands are famous for which among the following? Tourism Hub Offshore Financial Centre Largest producer of Guava Population of Ethnic Indians 3). What is TDSAT? A satellite A Telecommunication Company A Tribunal A telecom business forum 4). ..


Quiz 532: GK Questions for All Exams

12345678910 1). Sudha Karmarkar, the veteran theatre artist has passed away. She hailed from which state? Tamil Nadu Karnataka Goa Maharashtra 2). What are Fatah and Hamas? Political Parties of Israel Two Palestinian parties Two militant groups of Middle East Two ethnic fraternities of Palestine 3). The Reserve Bank of India works as a lender ..


Quiz 531: General Studies Civil Services Examination

12345678910 1). Deshikottama’ award is the highest award of which among the following bodies? Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan Vishwa Bharti Banaras Hindu University Bhartiya Sahitya Parishad 2). “Only mad men outside lunatic asylums could think or talk of independence” Who among the following had made this remark in context with the budding idea of Swarajya? Lord Hardinge Bal ..


Quiz 530: General Awareness Questions

12345678910 1). Consider the following steps: Banking Department gets currency from the Issue Department Government puts the currency in circulation Central Government Incurs a deficit in its Budget Government Sells Treasury Bills to Banking Department of RBI Which among the following is the correct order of the above steps? 1 2 3 4 2 3 ..


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