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Quiz 337: Indian Constitution for Civil Services, State Civil Services & Judiciary Examinations

1. Article 13 of Indian constitution uses the words “to the extent of such inconsistency be void” Which of the following doctrines is coherent to this ?  [A] Doctrine of Eclipse[B] Doctrine of Waiver[C] Doctrine of Severability[D] Doctrine of Lapse Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Doctrine of Severability] 2. Under which of the following articles rule of law embodied ..

Quiz 336: Miscellaneous General Knowledge

1. In which part of the human body “Pleura” is found? [A] Lungs[B] Brain[C] Liver[D] Heart Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Lungs] 2. Hodophobia is a fear associated with which of the following? [A] Sleeping[B] Walking[C] Traveling[D] Running Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Traveling] 3. In which profession a qualification FRCS is awarded in many ..

Quiz 335 : General Science for all Examinations

1. British Scientist JJ Thomson was awarded Nobel prize in Physics in 1906 for discovery of which of the following particle? [A] Electron[B] Proton[C] Neutron[D] Radio activity Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Electron] 2. Who among the following is known to manufacture first Cyclotron? [A] Ernest Lawrence[B] Niels Bohr[C] Rutherford[D] Max Born Show Answer Correct ..

Quiz 334: Finance, Business & Economy For Banking Examinations

1. The beginning of the micro finance movement in India could be traced to the self-help group (SHGs) – bank linkage programme (SBLP) started as a pilot project by National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD). In which year this pilot project had started? [A] 1990[B] 1991[C] 1992[D] 1999 Show Answer Correct Answer: C ..

Vocabulary Practice: Quiz 18

Each of the following 10 items consists of a word in Bold letters, followed by five words. Select the word that is most similar in meaning to the word in Bold letters. 1.Incorrigible(A)Redeemable(B)Improvable(C)Correctable (D)Amendable(E)Unreformable 2.Foster(A)Promote(B)Condemn(C)Discourage(D)Ignore(E)Neglect 3.Augmentation(A)Great(B)Accession(C)Decrease(D)Segregation(E)none of the above 4.Expedite(A)Delay(B)Break off(C)Accelerate(D)Stop(E)Conclude 5.Recapitulate(A)Epitomize(B)Take back(C)Scatter(D)Disassemble(E)Disperse 6.Proffer(A)Suggest(B)Discourage(C)Take back(D)Dissuade(E)soft 7.Relinquish(A)Abandon(B)Hold(C)Take(D)Assert(E)Assume 8.Pretense(A)Falsehood(B)Honesty(C)Stunt(D)Posture(E)Attitude 9.Onus(A)Burden(B)Aid(C)Benefit(D)Blessing(E)Help 10.Speck(A)Lot(B)Droplet(C)Pea(D)Tiny Bit(E)None of the above 11.Debase(A)Abase(B)Degrade(C)Impair(D)Improve(E)Clear 12.Aggrandize(A)Accliam(B)Lower(C)Spurn(D)Falsify(E)None ..

Quiz 333: General Awareness For All Exams

1. Which are the two countries connected by Karakoram Pass? [A] India & Pakistan[B] India & China[C] China & Pakistan[D] India & Nepal Show Answer Correct Answer: B [India & China] 2. Which of the following Sultans is known to have laid the foundation of Agra City? [A] Bahlol Lodi[B] Sikandar Lodi[C] Ibrahim Lodi[D] Shershah ..

Current Affairs Mega Quiz February (Second) 2010

1.Who among the following is the new chairman of Public Accounts Committee of Lok Sabha?(A)Murli Manohar Joshi(B)Yashwant Sinha(C)L K Advani(D)Gopinath Munde(E)Jaswant Singh 2.Recently, after seven months of discussions, the name of a synthetic radioactive chemical element Copernicum (Cn) was officially endorsed by IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry). What is the atomic number ..

Civil Services Examination 2010: Mock Test 6

Download This Quiz Here 1.Consider the following statements: 1. Telugu Kannada Tamil and Sanskrt are classical languages of India 2. Only languages which have a proven antiquity of over 1500 years qualify for status of classical language 3. The Tamil language was given a classical status because of an election promise made by NDA government ..