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Quiz 314: General Awareness for All Banking Examinations and Other Examinations

12345678910 1). Which among the following date in world history is known as D-day, a date also known as of Operation Neptune and Operation Overlord ? 3 March 1943 6 March 1943 6 June 1944 6 June 1945 2). Cobalt is a component of which of the following Vitamins? Vitamin A Vitamin D Vitamin E ..


Mega Quiz December (Second) Based Upon Current Affairs December 15-31, 2009

1.In how many agro climatic sub zones have been identified by Indian Council of Agricultural Research?(A)16(B)89(C)115(D)127(E)119 2.At which of the following place India’s first commercial 2 mega watt Solar Power Plant was launched on December 15, 2009?(A)Gurgaon(B)Surat(C)Amritsar(D)Faridabad(E)Rohtak 3.Which of the following pharma company has launched in December 2009. a two-pronged strategy called “Prayas” to improve ..


Quiz 313 : Indian Polity & Constitution for Civil Services Exam, CLAT Exam & Judicial Services Exams

12345678910 1). “All those laws that were in force immediately before the enactment of the constitution shall be void to the extent of inconsistency with the fundamental rights”.  Essence of Article 13(1) which quotes this can be placed under which of the following? Judicial Activism Judicial Review Discretionary review Judicial interpretation 2). By exercising its ..


Prep Quiz 12: For New Learners

1.Which is the Afghan leader who has been sworn in for second term afghan president ?(A)Abdul Haq (B)Hamid Karzai(C)Abdul Qadir (D)Ziauddin(E)Birbal Dhar 2.Under which President China celeberated its 60th anniversary?(A) Hu Jintao (B)Sun Yat-sen(C)Yuan Shikai(D)Xu Shichang (E)Gao Lingwei 3.A German Formula One driver and seven-time Formula One world drivers’ champion.(A)Michael Schumacher (B)Jenson Button(C)Sebastian Vettel(D)Heikki Kovalainen(E)None ..

Quiz 312 : Finance, Business & Economy For Bank PO Exams, Civil Services Examinations

12345678910 1). What will be the ultimate impact on the poor and landless farmers if all of a sudden, government decides to raise the Minimum Support Prices of rice & food grains inexorably or excessively? The poor farmers become rich The markets will crash The poor farmers become more poor This will encourage the exports of rice ..