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Sample Quiz 2 For BSNL JAO Examination (paper II)

Note: Read the following information to answer questions 1 to 4: Following are the ratios relating to the trading activities of a company: Debtors Velocity: 3 MonthsStock Velocity : 4 MonthsCreditors velocity: 2 MonthsGross profit ratio : 25% Gross Profit for the year ended 31st March 2009 amounts to Rs. 2,00,000. Closing stock of the ..

Quiz 277 : General Awareness

1. Which among the following branches of science deals with study of Mountains? Lithology Orology Paleontology Seismology 2. Which among the following is not correctly matched? Penicillin – Alexander Flemming Barometer – Torricelli X- Ray – W. Roentgen Parachute – W H carothers 3. Which among the following disease is caused by deficiency of Nicotinic ..


Quiz 276 : Indian History

1. Which of the following Sultanate Rulers made Delhi as capital in place of Lahore? Qutubuddin Aibak Iltutmish Razia Sultana Akbar 2. Which of the following Mughal emperor is famous for his golden chain of justice? Akbar Shahjahan Jahanagir Babur 3. ”Loom ” was a central technological innovation in which of the following era? Sultanate ..


BSNL JAO (Paper II) Sample Quiz

1.Bring out the false statement? (Only one option)(A)Asset side of balance sheet represents debit balance(B)Suspense Account appearing in the trial balance is shown in the balance sheet(C)Prepaid rent is a personal account(D)Accrued income appearing in the trial balance is shown in the P & L a/c(E)Sales Tax collected is a liability 2.Which among the following ..

Quiz 275 : General Awareness for All Examinations

1. Which among the following committee suggested to establish “Insurance Regulatory Authority in India”? Dandekar Committee Malohtra Committee Rangrajan Committee Dutt committee 2. Which among the following committees recommended the merger of Regional Rural Banks with their respective Sponsor Banks? Narsimhamam Committee Khusro Committee C Rang rajan Committee Dutt Committee 3. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was ..