Foreign Trade

Key Facts about India’s Tea Exports

September 19, 2015

India is world’s fourth largest tea exporter after China, Sri Lanka and Kenya. India exported 222 million Kg tea in 2010; but in recent years, these figures are slipping. In 2014, India exported 207.44 million kilograms of tea. Largest importers of Indian tea are Russia, UAE and...

Should India follow China Model in Cotton?

September 19, 2015

Cotton provides direct employment to around 60 Lakh farmers and indirect employment  to around 4-5 Crore People via cotton based industries. It is also one of the largest foreign exchange earner commodities of India. It is base of cotton textile industry which plays pivotal role in Indian...

India’s Cotton Exports

September 19, 2015

India is world’s largest cotton exporter after United States. Till 2003-04, India was net importer of cotton; however after that India has been a net exporter thanks to liberalization of cotton export; increased production of cotton due to use of Bt Cotton. In 2013-14, India exported 11.7...

Import Substitution

March 7, 2015

Import substitution is an aggressive economic policy employed by emerging economies to promote domestic production and self-sufficiency in many sectors. It is also seen as a means to reduce dependency on developed nations. IS seeks to provide added protection to domestic industries via tariffs, import quotas, government...