Karnataka General Knowledge


The Pampa Prashasti is the highest literacy award given by which of the following states?
[B]Andhra Pradesh

Pampa Prashasti is the highest literary honour conferred by the Karnataka government on a litterateur for his/her lifetime contribution to Kannada literature. The award is named after Adikavi Pampa of 10th Century. The award carries award money of Rs. 3 lakh and a citation.


Which among the following place in Karnataka is the present location of capital of Vijayanagar Empire?

Hampi (hastinavati) is the present name of Vijayanagar which was also the capital of Vijayanagar empire. Other capitals of Vijayanagar were- Anegondi, Benugonda and Chandragiri.Hampi is a village in northern Karnataka state, India.


Controversial University for minorities is proposed to come up at which among the following locations in Karnataka?
[B]Sri Rangapattana

Sri Rangapattana
The proposed university for minorities is coming up in Sri Rangapattana, Mandya District. The union ministry of minority affairs is planning to set 5 such universities in the country and one out of them is coming up in Sri Rangapattana in Public-Private partnership model. The controversy has geared up when this university name it after Tippu Sultan. The other four universities are planned in West Bengal, Bihar, Madya Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.


Karnataka Lokayukta Act was enacted in which among the following years?

Karnataka Lokayukta Act was enacted in 1984. In the recent judgment both Supreme court and High court of Karnataka squashed the appointment of Upalokayukta because the Chief minister did not have an effective consultation with the then Chief Justice of Karnataka. A person to be appointed as an Uplokayukta


Consider the following statements in context with Coffee production in Karnataka:
1. Karnataka is the major coffee producing state of India, accounting about 53% total coffee production of the country
2. Major coffee producing districts of Karnataka are Tumkur, Davanagere and Shimoga
Which of the above statements is/are correct?
[A] Only 1
[B] Only 2
[C] Both 1 & 2
[D] Neither 1 nor 2

Only 1


In which of the following place Ashok’s minor rock edict has been discovered in Karnataka?
[A]Halmidi, Hasan
[B]Maski, Raichur
[C]Mulabagil, Kolar
[D]Hoskote, Bengaluru

Maski, Raichur


Which of the following pair shows the correct location of “Thermal Power Plant” in Karnataka?
[A]Raichur and Gulbarga
[B]Raichur and Bellary
[C]Bellary and Chitradurga
[D]Bellary and Kolar

Raichur and Bellary


Who was the Chief Minister of Karnataka, when Mysore was renamed as Karnataka?
[A]Kengal Hanumanthaia
[B]Verendra Patil
[C]Devaraj Urs

Devaraj Urs


Which of the following district of Karnataka holds the sobriquet “Cradle of Infantry”?



How many seats have been allocated for Karnataka in Lokasabha and Rajyasabha?
[A]12, 10
[B]28, 12
[C]20, 15
[D]25, 20

28, 12