What is Google’s Project on Endangered Languages?

Google has launched its Endangered Languages Project to save the world’s dying languages. Google has introduced its Endangered Languages Project website where people can find, share, and store information about dialects in danger of disappearing. The website at endangeredlanguages.com is designed to let users upload video, audio, or text files and encourages them to memorialize recordings of rare dialects. The project is backed by “Alliance for Linguistic Diversity” and gives those interested in preserving languages a place to store and access research, share advice and build collaborations. People can share their knowledge and research directly through the site and help keep the content up-to-date. A diverse group of collaborators have already begun to contribute content ranging from 18th-century manuscripts to modern teaching tools like video and audio language samples and knowledge-sharing articles. Members of the Advisory Committee have also provided guidance, helping shape the site and ensure that it addresses the interests and needs of language communities.