Quiz 217 : Geography for UPSC examinations

1.Which of the following two countries have largest electrified railway network in the world?
(A)Russia & US
(B)US & China
(C)Russia & China

2.Which of the following rivers makes the eastern border of France?

3.Which of the following countries has maximum number of airports? (After US which has maximum number of airports in world)

4.Through which of the following pass the river Satluj enters India from Tibet?
(A)Shipki La
(B)Nama Pass
(C)Tanglang La

5.Saddle Peak National Park is located in which of the following Union Territories ?
(C)Andaman and Nicobar Islands

6.Which among the following rivers does not flow into Arabian Sea?

7.Which among the following river rises from the Milan glaciers of Nepal Himalayas?
(A)Saryu or Sharda

8.The only tributary river of Ganga that rises in the plains and not in hills is following?

9.Which among the following is known as ” Doctor Wind”?

10.Which among the following type of soil has the largest area covered in India?

11.Zawar mines which are principal source of Lead Zinc ore in India are located in which of the following states?
(B)Madhya Pradesh
(C)Uttar Pradesh

12.Which of the following state produces largest fraction of rubber produced in India?
(A)Tamil Nadu

13.What is Laccadive micro?
(A)An island in Laskhadweep Islands
(B)A variety of Coconut
(C)A variety of Rubber

14.Which among the following is an area of evergreen forests?
(A)Amazon Basin
(B)Zaire Basin
(C)South-Eastern Asia

15.Which among the following is wood cellulose?

16.Which of the following types of forests are used mostly for Logging?
(A)Tropical softwood
(B)Tropical hardwood
(C)Temperate softwood

17.Karen people are ethnic groups found in which of the following?
(A)Myanmar and Thailand
(B)East Africa

18.Which of the following are hunting nomads?

19.Which of the following regions dominates natural rubber production?
(B)South East Asia
(C)Western Europe

20.Which of the following is the largest producer of Sugarcane in India?