Discuss various strategies followed by Indian forces to guard the country's borders against illegal immigration.

India shares porous borders with major countries-China, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan Myanmar and Bangladesh.
There are numerous security threats at these borders ranging from trafficking to illegal immigration. The security forces need to be alerts at every second to curb this menace.
Some of the strategies applied by the security forces to tackle this menace are-

  • Barbed wire fencing- The construction of the fences has led to not only decrease in infiltration of insurgents but also illegal migrants.
  • Surveillance cameras- They are put in place in order to keep tap of the movements as well as get footage of the every second on the border.
  • Border Outposts (BOP)-They are created wherein regular patrolling of the border is done.
  • Interaction with villagers- The communication with nearby villages enables the security forces to get knowledge of any illegant resident in the village or nearby.
  • Other methods include- foot patrolling, mobile patrolling, zero line patrolling, observation posts, fence gate management, special operations on information, flood lighting, etc.


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