The use of drones for attack and illegal purposes has increased rapidly in past few years by both state and non-state actors. In the light of such security threats, discuss the challenges and capabilities of India to deal with them.

The drones have come to redefine the nature of warfare in recent times. Their use is increasing rapidly by both state and non-state actors.

Use by State actor:

  • Reduce human causalities.
  • Accurate targeting.
  • Ability to escape radars.

Use by non-state actors:

  • Promote terror and smuggling.
  • Can be used to drop bombs.
  • Risk of transporting drugs and narcotics.

Challenges for India:

  • In-house productions remains low and have to bank on imports.
  • Limited fiscal space.
  • Existing terror and hinterland threats.
  • Tech-savvy China and proximity of Pakistan with Turkey and China to procure drones.

Indian capabilities:

  • The new drone rules will promote private sector investment in drone sector.
  • Improving ties with Israel and USA – scope for importing drones.
  • S-400 missiles and multi-layer anti-missile, anti-drone protective shield over Delhi.

Thus, despite challenges, there exist diplomatic channels as well as our own history of indigenization of technology which can guide us in weathering this storm.


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