Throw some light on the recent reforms that have been undertaken by India in strengthening its National Security Architecture.

The National security is one of the primary responsibilities of the state. With rise of state sponsored terrorism, organised crime, asymmetric warfare, and lone wolf attacks, following changes have been made.

  • The post of the Chief of Defence Staff has been created, based on recommendations of the Kargil review committee.
    • CDS is the head of department of military affairs.
    • First among equals, of the three services chief.
    • No direct operational command of armed forces.
    • Reports directly to the PMO.
  • The number of deputy national security advisors has been increased, to allow the national security advisor secretariat to function better.
  • Strategic policy group has been reformed with national security advisor as its chairman. The cabinet, home, finance, defence, and external affairs secretaries are its members too.

This, above land-standing changes will promote ability of India to act as Net security provider in South Asia and Indian Ocean.


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