What is BCCI?

BCCI stands for Board of Control of Cricket in India in 1928 by players of Delhi’s Roshnara Club under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act. It is comprised of state cricket associations. The state associations elect their representatives who in turn elect the officials at BCCI. It was set up with the aim of putting […]

What is the significance of Ashes Series?

The Ashes Series stands for one of the cricket’s highest trophies. The term got birth after England was defeated by Australia on English soil on August 29, 1882. The following day “Sporting Times” supported a mock obituary of English cricket which stated that the body of English cricket will be cremated and the ashes will […]

Which cricketer scored most number of double centuries in test cricket?

Australian  cricketer Don Bradman has the record of scoring most number of double centuries in test cricket. In his entire career he scored 12 double centuries. Sri Lankan player Kumar Sangarkara stands in second place with 11 double centuries. Brian Lara of West Indies stands in third with 9 double centuries.

Which cricketer played first ball in ODI?

The first One Day International match was played between England and Australia on 5th Jan 1971. Geoffrey Boycott of England was the first batsman to receive a ball in a one-day international. Graham McKenzie of Australia was the bowler.

In which year first women’s cricket world cup was held?

The first International women’s world cup was held in 1973. Total seven teams participated in it. In the first women’s world cup, England team won the final against Australia. Till 2017, eleven world cups played in women’s cricket and Australian women’s cricket team stands in first place by winning world cup for six times.

How many countries have the status of test playing nations in cricket?

Till now ten cricket teams have the status of test playing nations. They are England, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. In 2017, Ireland and Afghanistan have been awarded test status. The status of test-playing nation is conferred upon a country by the International Cricket Council.

What is Timed-Out in Cricket?

In Cricket terminology, Timed-Out related to dismissal of a batsman as a wicket. When an incoming batsman is not ready to play within three minutes of the previous batsman being out then the batsman is dismissed as Timed-Out. In tests and ODIs it is 3 minutes but in case of T20s it is only 90 seconds. […]

How many modes of dismissals in cricket?

There are ten modes of dismissal in cricket Bowled Caught Run-out Leg Before wicket (LBW) Hit-wicket Stump-Out Hitting the ball twice Handled the ball Obstructing the field Timed out The first six are common, while the last four are really technicalities and rarely occur.          

Which is the largest cricket stadium in the world?

Melbourne cricket ground popularly known as MCC which is in Australia is the largest cricket ground in the world. It has the seating capacity of 100,024. Eden Gardens of Kolkata which is in India stands in second place with the seating capacity of 76,000.

How many Indian Batsmen scored triple century in test cricket?

In the History of Indian Test cricket, Virender Sehwag and Karan Nair are the only two Batsmen scored triple century in single innings of a test cricket. Sehwag scored two triple centuries-against Pakistan (309) and against South Africa (319). Karan Nair Scored triple century with a score of 303 against England in 2016.