India-Israel Industrial R&D & Technological Innovation Fund (I4F)

India and Israel recently widened the I4F during their eighth governing body meet. I4F is India – Israel Industrial research and development technological Innovation fund. The fund has now been widened to 5.5 million USD.


The fund has been widened to implement three research and development project. They are as follows:

  • Centrally monitored Internet of Things Nanosensors for Molecular diagnostic in health care
  • Internet of Things enabled satellite communication for real – time agriculture and environmental data collection
  • NoMoreMos: It is a mosquito control biological solution

Basically, the fund is to be used for projects in the field of agriculture, health care and mosquito control.

I4F 2.0

During the governing body meet, the countries agreed on the new I4F strategy. The countries will broaden the scope of the fund in the new strategy. They will focus on market acceptability and technical feasibility. They are to develop new commercial products and technologies.

About I4F

  • It was created under the collaboration of Department of Science and Technology of India and Israeli Innovation Authority.
  • The fund promotes and supports joint research and development in the agreed “focus sectors”.
  • The main aim of I4F is to commercialize the innovative technologies.
  • The I4F is controlled, managed and implemented by the Global Innovation and Technology Alliance. In Israel, the fund is implemented by the Israeli Innovation Authority.


The increase in funding comes at the right time. India is now planning to focus more on Innovation, technologies and startups. Recently India decided to celebrate Innovation Startup Day on Janaury 16. The Department of Science and Technology is also coming up with new measures to make its 50th year special.

What are focus sectors of the countries?

Telecom, agriculture, IT, pharmaceuticals, homeland security. Of all the sectors, their relation is deep in agriculture. The Indo – Israeli Agriculture Project is being implemented for more than ten years now. Some of the highly successful outcomes of the project are rejuvenation of Mango orchards in Maharashtra and growing cherry tomatoes in Haryana.



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