In recent decades, religion has gained stronghold in India's North East as a factor of political mobilization. Examine the issue from the internal security perspective.

Religion is the closest identity of an individual. Its the easiest way to attract individuals.
In the North-Eastern India, there has been rampant political mobilization taking place in the name of religion and this is creatinf serious internal security challenges in the already disturbed region.
From the internal security perspective, this trend has the following consequences-

  • There can arise a situation of police-politician-criminal nexus. This can only strenghten the criminal elements further.
  • An environment of lawlessness comes about.
  • Crimes do not get registered and the ones which are registered, are not investigated well.
  • Conviction rate falls down.
  • The development funds which are meant for basic services like water, power, healthcare, education and communications are diverted for political greed.
  • There emerge clashes among different tribal groups and factions.
  • A scenario comes up wherein underground groups emerge which deal in extortion, arms, drugs, smuggling etc.


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