While throwing some light on the dual control structure of armed forces in India, discuss the role played by Assam Rifles in internal security of India.

Assam Rifles is a part of the central paramilitary forces (along with the Indian Coast Guards) of India to provide internal security. It is the oldest paramilitary force and also a region-specific force to carry out anti-insurgency operations.

They play a crucial role in Assam, given its unique security challenges:

  • Inter-tribal conflict and violence – Bodos v/s others, Assam v/s Mizoram border issue (Lushai hills), Greater Nagalim areas.
  • Terrorism threat – ULFA, NDFB, NSCN-K, etc
  • Anti-migrant rhetoric against Bangladesh migrants/refugees.

In the light of these challenges, the Assam rifles provides dual role:

  • It is under administrative control of Home ministry, but its operations are under control of Indian Army which comes under Defence ministry. Hence, it has a dual control mechanism.
  • It acts as a net security provider through coordination with army against border security and terrorist threat from ULFA, etc.
  • Internal security to mitigate inter-tribal violence and clashes against refugees.

It is both internally and externally equipped to deal with issues rising from both within and outside the country.


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