The use of Natural gas as an important primary energy source is rising and expected to increase further. Identify the various uses of natural gas and give a brief account of its distribution globally.

The natural gas is a clean fossil fuel and forms important constituent of India’s energy basket.

Uses of natural gas:

  • As fuel for power generation.
  • As fuel for industries, such as fertilizers, plastics, etc.
  • Usage in households as LNG in place of LPG.
  • Usage in vehicles as CNG.
  • Ingredients in dyes and many other chemical industries.

Distribution of natural gas globally:

  • Russia – largest natural gas reserve, gas fields in west Siberia.
  • United States – largest producer of natural gas.
  • Canada and Mexico – important producers.
  • Middle East – many natural gas and oil reserves are located simultaneously. Iran and Qatar are important producers.
  • Africa – not significantly explored, but huge potential.
  • Asia – India has gas reserves in west coast and on east coast (Krishna-Godavari basin).
  • South East Asia is an important producer.

Natural gas is more evenly distributed than other fossil fuels and hence has immense potential to be fuel of future. There is a need to increase exploration and make natural gas production even higher to make India a gas based economy similar to other developed economy.


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