Economic empowerment alone cannot provide social security; social empowerment is needed along with it. Discuss in the context of India.

Directive Principles of State Policy in India talk about social security, which is hampered due to various issues that vulnerable sections face.

Social security means:

  • Income security
  • Maintain productivity
  • Reduce distress
  • Help people take advantage of financial markets.
  • Formalisation of employment.

These Social security benefits help in economic empowerment but not social empowerment.


  • Social ghettoization remains even after income support.
  • Problems of discrimination still persist.
  • Empowerment of people in social sphere for free and dignified living not ensured.

Hence, social empowerment is needed along with economic empowerment. The social empowerment is related to enhancing capability and reducing prejudices.

Way forward:

  • Enriching social security schemes with components to address the discrimination.
  • Awareness to uproot exclusion in social sphere through economic gains.
  • Targeted approach through government programs like NRLM, MGNREGA, various pension schemes focusing on the disparities at societal level.

Social status is an important parameter to social security, so focus should be towards holistic empowerment rather than only economic.


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