What are lead-acid batteries? How could these batteries help India in achieving the SDGs?

A lead acid battery is a type of rechargeable battery that runs on lead and sulfuric acid. To facilitate a managed chemical reaction, the lead is immersed in the sulfuric acid. The battery generates power as a result of this chemical process. After that, the process is reversed to replenish the battery.


  • Lead-acid batteries have enhanced performance, decreased weight, durability, used newer materials, had a high rate of recycling, etc. as a result of scientific advancements over the years. 
  • These are employed in transportation systems, including autos, trains, and defense-related equipment. During power outages, inverters powered by lead batteries are extensively utilised in homes, offices, banks, businesses, and schools, among other places. 
  • Lead batteries are utilised as energy storage in the solar and wind energy sectors of the renewable energy industry. The optimum approach for charging EV batteries would be to progressively utilise this stored renewable energy.
  • Due of their great energy density and little weight, EV batteries are basically solid state batteries. However, crucial metals like lithium, cobalt, and nickel that are unavailable locally are needed by India for these batteries. 
  • In contrast, India is fortunate to have enough lead reserves for lead-acid batteries. 
  • India also exports lead batteries to a variety of countries throughout the world. 
  • Lead can be recovered from spent batteries easily, and lead batteries may be recycled several times without losing any of their original characteristics. 
  • Lead is recycled (by around 99%) more than any other substance in the world, which promotes sustainable growth.

Way forward:

Continually changing lead battery technology is driven by both industry and consumer demand. There are enough signs to conclude that lead batteries are not only here to stay, but that they will also become even more popular in the era of clean and renewable energy since they are reliable, reasonably priced, and completely recyclable.


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