UPSC Prelims Mini Mock Test: 510

Consider the following:
1. Extensive farming
2. Shifting cultivation
3. Monoculture
4. Contour farming
5. Zero tillage agriculture
Which of the above are likely to cause land degradation?
Which of the following statements is/are correct about Alauddin Khilji?
  1. He declared himself as Sikandar-I-Saini
  2. He was the founder of Khilji dynasty
  3. He transferred his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad
Select the correct option from codes given below:
Consider the following pairs:
  1. Lord Curzon - Ancient Monuments Preservation Act
  2. Lord Ripon - Famine Code
  3. Lord Mayo - Department of Agriculture and Commerce
  4. Lord Lansdowne - Durand Commission
Which of the above is/are correct?
Kachuga dhonkoga, which was making news for being on the verge of extinction due to its consumption for subsistence, is a _?
Consider the following statements:
1. Both APSARA and CIRUS were indigenous reactors
2. APSARA was built with assistance from the United Kingdom
Which among the above statements is / are correct?


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