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India Signs Christchurch Call to Action

India has decided to sign an international call initiated by the governments of France and New Zealand along with top social media companies to eliminate the violent and terrorist content online. Christchurch Call to Action Christchurch Call to Action was initiated after the Christchurch attacks. Christchurch Call to Action was signed and adopted with participation ..


Priyanka Sharma Case and Freedom of Expression

What is the case? Priyanka Sharma, who is an activist of a political party, was arrested for sharing a morphed photo of West Bengal Chief Minister on Facebook. West Bengal Police arrested her based on the complaint which stated the photograph was against community guidelines, Kolkata’s culture and it was an insult to the chief ..


Singapore Criminalises Publication of Fake News

Singapore has passed a law (The Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Bill) which criminalises publication of fake news in country and allows government to block and order removal of such content. Key Features of Law It bans falsehoods (fake news) that are detrimental to Singapore or may likely influence elections. Mandate: It requires service ..