Today’s GK Questions (Static GK/GS) – November 14, 2019

Here are 10 GK questions for today, November 14, 2019 for various competitive exams in India.


What do we call a CPU that is designed specifically to handle the communications processing task with main purpose is to off-load communications processing task from the host computer so that the host computer can be dedicated for applications and data processing jobs? 

Who among the following is famous for saving the empire from the Huna tribe, which had overran Asia and Europe.

Interest Rate Policy is a part of which of the following?

In which year Board for Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprises was constituted?

Bhargava Formula is related to which of the following commodities?

On which of the following dates, the amplitude of the tides would be maximum?

Consider the following countries:

  1. Myanmar
  2. Thailand
  3. Cambodia
  4. Indonesia

India’s Andaman and Nicobar Islands share a maritime border with which among the above countries?


The Bhagat Movement is related to which among the following tribes of India?

Scientists use mice for experiments. Consider the following reasons of this:

  1. Mice relatively reproduce quickly so many generations can be tracked in shorter times
  2. The number of Chromosomes in Human and Mice is equal
  3. Many DNA elements (genes) in human and mice are highly similar in their structure and function

Choose the correct statements:


Who founded the association ‘ Naujawan Bharat Sabha’ to help foster revolution against the British Raj?

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