HCARD: Robot to assist COVID-19 frontline warriors

On April 29, 2020, the robotic device HCARD, Hospital Care Assistive Robotic Device was launched to help frontline health care workers. The robot will help them in maintaining physical distance from the COVID-19 infected persons.


The HCARD was developed by CSIR laboratory located in Durgapur. The device is capable of working in both automatic and manual mode. It can be monitored and controlled using a control station or a nursing booth. The cost of the device is Rs 5 lakhs and it weighs 80 kilograms.


The HCARD works on war footing mechanism to reduce the impact of COVID-19 through technological interventions. The device has drawers that will provide food to patients. The device will also collect samples from patients.


The device is important to save the public and help in optimal use of Personal Protective Equipment. With the robot being employed at hospitals, the chances of medical professionals such as lab technicians, nurses or doctors meeting or interacting with the patients decreases and so does the usage of PPEs. Also, the medical professionals working in the frontline, with direct contact with the COVID-19 infected patients shall remain safe.

The device also helps in maintaining social distancing with the patients.


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