First Movers Coalition (FMC) Leadership Meeting

The World Economic Forum recently conducted the First Movers Coalition Leadership Meeting deliberating the need for clean energy technologies. India participated in the meeting.

What did India say at the meeting?

  • India pushed for increased European investments. The country highlighted the need for mutual partnership with European countries.
  • India met several world leaders and discussed its Startup 20 agenda. The S 20 is a Science Summit to be organized by India on the sidelines of the G20. In 2023, India is hosting the G20 meeting.

First Movers Coalition

The FMC was launched by US President Joe Biden in 2021. He launched it at the Climate Change Conference held in Glasgow. The aim of the coalition is to create a robust market for clean energy technologies. The FMC aims to aid high-emitting industries like aviation, steel, shipping, and chemicals to decarbonize. This is to be achieved by leveraging their purchasing power

Which countries are part of FMC?

India, Japan, Norway, Italy, and Sweden. UK, USA, Singapore, Germany, Denmark. Canada joined the coalition in 2023. Apart from these countries, 60 other multinational companies are also part of FMC.



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