State of Nation Address of Russian President Vladimir Putin

The State of Nation Address is the speech delivered by the Chief Executive of a country. During the address, the chief talks about the agenda of the government and other plans to solve troublesome situations. After Joe Biden’s surprising visit to Ukraine, the Russian President recently delivered his State of the Nation Address in Moscow.

What did Putin say?

  • He openly accused the west of intensifying the war
  • According to Russia, the west is punishing itself with sanctions on the country
  • State funds announced to support soldiers fallen during the “Special Military Operation” of Russia in Ukraine
  • The western countries started the war provoking Russia
  • Demanded the US withdraw its troops from Ukraine
  • Announced Russia’s withdrawal from the START treaty


The Chinese diplomat Wang Yi visited Putin shortly before his address. Putin’s address comes after Biden pledged 500 million USD of funds to Ukraine for artillery ammunition during his visit.

Supporters of Ukraine

  • CANADA: Sent armed forces to Poland to help Ukraine refugees
  • Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia: Support Ukraine; Leaders of these countries meet Ukraine’s President now and then
  • Australia: Imposed sanctions on Russian goods, Russian – state-owned undertakings; no direct participation in the war
  • US And UK: Direct support to Ukraine
  • Japan, Germany, South Korea, Canada: indirect support

Supporters of Russia

  • Belarus: Strong supporter; Russian troops entered Ukraine taking help from Belarus
  • Syria: Indirect support
  • UAE, Saudi Arabia: Did not condemn Russian actions
  • Kazakhstan: Sent military troops; but stays away from public and international discussions on the issue
  • Armenia: Voted ‘against’ the proposal introduced to remove Russia from the Council of Europe
  • Italian diplomat is to meet the Russian President



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