What are microwave weapons?

Recently, the social media was all about the use of “microwave weapons” by the Chinese Army.  India and China are locked at the Line of Actual Control since June 2020. Around twenty Indian soldiers have been killed in the Galwan valley during the fierce clash between the armies. The armies have reached to consensus in the regions of Pangong Tso lake, Gogra, hot spring regions.

What are Microwave Weapons?

Microwave weapons are direct energy weapons. They deliver energy in highly focused form such as laser, sonic or microwaves at the target.

Which countries possess Microwave weapons?

China had displayed its microwave weapon for the first time in 2014 air show. The weapon was called “Poly WB-1” The US also has developed microwave weapons called “Active Denial System”.

When have Microwave Weapons used in the past?

The Microwave weapons were used by the US in Afghanistan in 2017. US was reported to have used sonic weapon, almost similar to that of a microwave weapon in Cuba in 2018.

How dangerous are Microwave weapons?

The Microwave weapons have long term carcinogenic impacts. The impact of the microwave weapon can be understood from its efficiency in heating the food in an oven.

In a microwave oven, a magnetron produces microwaves. These microwaves bounce around the metal in the interior of the appliance. During this process, the food items absorb the microwaves. Upon absorption, water molecules in the food get agitated and produces heat. The heat produced by the agitation of the water molecules cooks the food. Higher the water content in the food, higher is the agitation. Thus food with higher water content gets cooked faster in a microwave oven.

Thus, when used on human whose body is made of 73% of water, the heat energy produced is tremendous. And this occurs in uncontrolled environment unlike an oven. Thus, microwave weapons are highly catastrophic. They might even evaporate the part that is attacked.


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