Has the formation of linguistic states strengthened the cause of Indian unity?

Published: December 5, 2016

India is a democratic country with diverse and rich culture, Since the Indus valley civilization which was considered to be the oldest civilization has used many symbolic and languages for communication, Currently India has 29 states with all states having at least one or two local or official language. Andhra pradesh was the fist state which separated itself on the basis of Telugu language. Focusing to the previous map of our country we had around 20 states in the past decades many states separated like Jharkhand, Uttrakhand, Chattisgarh etc. 
    It is right that People from different society, background have their own local language and it is natural, but multi language is now becoming a reason for distracting the unity of the country, It was not many days before but violence happened in Maharashtra for not knowing Marathi language whatever may be the reason behind it, The very first question comes is this helping Unity? May be it may strengthened the state hood, but when is comes to National Unity, it doesn’t help. To unite the Nation common platform required, somewhere language becoming the barrier of this unity. 

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