UPSC Prelims Mini Mock Test: 554

Which among the following sentences is / are NOT correct ?
Consider the following pairs of Thermal Power Plants with their states:
  1. Kamalanga Thermal Power - Odisha
  2. Sompeta power project - Andhra Pradesh
  3. Bedabahal power project - Jharkhand
Which of the above is/are correctly matched?
In recent times, it has been reported that the Polar ice is getting melted very quickly. What contribution is / are made by Polar ice packs in the environment of earth?
  1. The Polar ice packs retrain the release of methane from the arctic permafrost
  2. The Polar ice packs reduce heat loss from the oceans
Select the correct option from the codes given below:
Consider the following statements about Human Genome Project–write (HGP-write):
  1. The project aims to build an artificial human genome with help of bioengineering tools
  2. The project will help in providing solutions to diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya
Which of the above statements is/are correct?
Which of the following provisions were made under the Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill, 2018?
  1. The cases where the total value involved in such offences is Rs.100 crore or more.
  2. Confiscation of other property belonging to such offender in India and abroad.
  3. The Bill requires the authorities to obtain a search warrant or ensure the presence of witnesses before a search.  
Select the correct option from the codes given below:

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