Tripura to promote commercial cultivation of agar

The government of Tripura has taken initiatives to promote commercial cultivation of Agar trees and has set a target of achieving Rs 2,000 crore business from this sector in the coming three years.

Key Points

  • Tripura government has plans to export 1,500 kg of Agar oil and 75,000 kg of Agar chips in the year 2021-22.
  • Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb had met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday and apprised him about the potential of Agar trees.
  • Tripura government has launched a draft named Tripura Agar Wood Policy 2021 and a target has been set up of doubling the plantation by the year 2025. Currently, there are over 50 lakh agar trees in the state.
  • Chief Minister of Tripura had also requested PM Modi for fixing a quota on Agarwood exportation and its products.

About Agar Trees

Agar (Aquilaria malaccensis) is an evergreen tree that grows in abundance in the state of Tripura. The state’s forest department has said that this species has a huge potential of creating an economic revolution in the state after bamboo, rubber and other major forestry crops. Due to low input cost for its growth and management and its intercropping adaptation could make agar a cash crop.

The government of Tripura is contemplating in bringing a detailed policy for the promotion of Agar tree plantation, development and sustainable harvesting of the Agarwood-based Industry.


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