India- Bangladesh Webinar on solid waste management

On February 8, 2022, municipalities of Indore and Dhaka North held a virtual dialogue, for sharing best practises in solid waste management.

Key Points

  • Webinar was facilitated by High Commission of India and Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.
  • During the webinar, waste collection methods were shared by Indore Municipal Corporation.
  • They also shared innovative practises and technologies adopted for efficient waste management.
  • Municipal corporation of Indore detailed about 100 percent door-to-door segregated waste collection system, GPS-tracked waste collection vehicle and biometric attendance system for municipal cleaners.
  • Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) officials also shared their best practises and held productive discussions on taking forward the cooperation in solid waste management and other municipal services.

Cleanest city of India

Indore was ranked as the cleanest city of India in cleanliness Survey 2021. Since 2017, the city has won this distinction for five consecutive times because of its much-applauded waste management system including door to door collection, segregation of waste, home composting, central composting facilities and recycling of day waster.

Solid Waste Management in Indore

Indore generates more than 1,115 MT of garbage in a day. All of it is collected from the source like household or commercial establishment. In 2016, door-to-door service was started as a pilot project in two of the 85 wards. In almost a year, 100% door-to-door garbage collection was achieved.

Door to door collection

The city has been divided into 19 zones and 85 wards. Each ward has 6,000 households and 600 commercial establishments. In Indore, waste is generated from sources like households, commercial areas and other institutions like hospitals, RWAs, hotels etc. Households or residential complexes are covered by door-to-door collection system. On the other hand, bulk generators or semi bulk generators are covered by bulk collection system.




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