Quiz 348: Current Affairs & General Awareness – National

1.Recently we read in the newspapers that Government is mulling over raising the income threshold to define the economically weaker section (EWS) to about Rs 6,000 a month. What is the correct income threshold for EWS in India?
(A)Rs. 3000
(B)Rs. 3300
(C)Rs. 3600
(D)Rs. 3800
(E)Rs. 4000

2.Who among the following is the current United States Secretary of Defense?
(A)Donald Rumsfeld
(B)Robert Gates
(C)John McMahon
(D)William Webster
(E)James Woolsey

3.Recently we read in the newspapers that as a first of its kind, Gujarat’s second largest dairy Dudhsagar Dairy of Mehsana is coming up with a dedicated train to transport milk by the end of 2010. The milk will be transported to which of the milk market of India ?
(C)Uttar Pradesh
(E)None of them

4.As per the data’s recorded by the Indian meteorological department (IMD) , which among the following years had been the hottest in last 108 years when IMD started collecting data?

5.Where is located India’s 18th Nuclear Power plant which recently started its commercial production?
(C)Andhra Pradesh

6.Where is coming up India’s second Officers Training Academy for Army ?

7.Recently India’s 38th Tiger reserve was opened in Kerala as Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. Now, what is the number of total Tiger reserves in Kerala?

8.What are the Current Repo Rates and Reverse Repo Rates after the latest changes made by Reserve Bank of India?
(A)4.75, 3.25
(B)4.50, 3.50
(C)5.00, 3.50,
(D)5.50, 4.00
(E)None of them

9.In context with the financial inclusion in India, recently in the budget speech, India’s Finance Minister said:” A sub-committee of the State Level Bankers Committee (SLBC) will identify such areas and formulate an action plan for providing banking facilities to all these areas in the next three years” In the Union Budget, how much money has been kept aside for 2010-11 as one-time grant-in-aid to ensure provision of at least one centre or point of sales for banking services in each of the unbanked blocks in the country for achieving the above target?
(A)Rs. 100 Crore
(B)Rs. 150 crore
(C)Rs. 200 crore
(D)Rs. 250 crore
(E)Rs. 170 Crore

10.Which among the following company is providing the games data and High Definition/Standard Definition Broadcast Signal for the upcoming Commonwealth Games 2010?
(C)Reliance Communications
(D)Tata Teleservices
(E)None of them

11.In which of the following fields Moortidevi Awards are conferred?
(A)Science & Technology
(D)Social Services

12.INS Nirdeshak of the Indian navy comes under which of the following categories?
(A)Replenishment Tankers
(C)Patrol Ships
(D)Survey Ships
(E)Amphibious Warfare Ships

13.Who among the following chairs the National Board for Wildlife (NBWL) in India?
(A)Prime Minister
(B)Minister of Environment & Forest
(C)Environment Secretary
(D)A renowned environmentalist of the country
(E)None of the above

14.Recently we read in the newspapers that as a part of a new initiative, at least one building in each Command of the Indian Armed Forces would soon meet the GRIHA standards. The GRIHA standards are related to ?
(A)Architecture Standards
(B)Defense Standards
(C)Environment Standards
(D)Cost Effectiveness
(E)None of them

15.In which of the following areas, Clark R Bavin Awards are given?
(B)Wildlife Protection
(C)Films & Television
(D)International Understanding

16.As per the latest rationalization done by Government of India in context with the National Sports awards, how many of 5 dronacharya awards have been earmarked for life time contribution in coaching?

17.At Present in How many states the scheme of Integrated Scheme of Oilseeds, Pulses, Oil Palm and Maize is being implemented to increase the production of oilseeds?

18.For which of the following industries in India, the government is running a scheme called REMOT ?

19.In which state was launched India’s first litigation controlled Tribal Panchayat recently?
(C)West Bengal
(E)Madhya Pradesh

20.Where did Indian Air force conducted its biggest Firepower demonstration Vayu Shakti-2010?
(E)Sri Ganganagar

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