How Ethiopian Pilot battled Boeing 737 Max ”Reasons of the crash found

                The Ethiopian airlines flight 302 that took off in March 10 from Addis Ababa crashed with 157 people killing them all. In every aircraft system, as the speed and altitude reading goes haywire, a device called stick shaker gets activated. It is on the left side of the cockpit. This mechanism makes loud noise indicating the captain to warn about the aerodynamic stall.

However, the Boeing 737 was not about to stall. Instead the processor in the cockpit received error readings. The error reading was from a sensor at the jet’s nose. This malfunction triggered the anti ”stall feature that forced the plane into a dive.

MCAS ”Manuering Characteristics Augmetation System  was designed to push the plane’s nose down when the sensors say the MCAS that the plane is about to stall.

The pilots turned the MCAS OFF to control the plane. However, the alarms began to buzz from every other system due to the erroneous signal from the sensor. The pilots struggled a lot to gain control.

The investigating officials said in short that the plane needs a redesign

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