Earth’s fate predicted: Newfound tiny planet gives a glimpse

The ground based telescope picked up signals confirming planet revolving sun like star. The star belongs to the Milky Way galaxy. The star was identified using spectroscopic methods. It is in its white dwarf state. Eventually our sun is also likely to reach this stage in 5 billion years.

As the star is running out of fuel due to its expansion, it has ripped off its own planets.  This happened because of the increasing gravity that ripped off the closely orbiting planets. The planets were shattered and are now a mass of debris that looks like a disc.

The same might happen with the sun. As it is expanding, it might engulf mercury, venus and most likely earth too. However, the platesimals orbiting the sun at that stage will collide and form new stable planet.

The sun might survive at its dwarf stage for billions of years. Life is possible in the newly formed planets if water carrying comets hit them

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