Chinese troops start withdrawing from Indian soils

The border flare-up with China seems to have been handled by the on-going talks between Prime Minister Modi and the visiting Chinese premier Mr.Xi Jinping. The tensions had scaled-up in the Chumar area in northeast Ladakh and had continued for four days. Indian army also started receding into the Indian territory after the Chinese pull-back. There will be constant vigil at the border with a review of the situation on Friday. The situation was highly alarming as the Chinese People’s Liberation army had crossed over the Line of Actual Control and had made camps in the Indian territory.
The situation at Demchok continued to be strained as the Chinese nomads, Rebos continue with their tents as far as 500 metres in the Indian territory. The latter who are supported by the PLA have resisted the building of an irrigation canal for the local villages in India. The stand-off in the areas along the border had cast an effect on the Indo-Chinese talks being held at New Delhi. The Chinese were building roads in their territory upto LAC but had orders to continue till Tible which is 5 kilometers in the Indian land.
The recent decision of withdrawal has been taken up by the Chinese without any flag meeting. Chumar is a small village in Ladakh bordering Himachal Pradesh. It has always been a cause of tension between India and China as the latter have always exerted a claim on it. China has made repeated incursions to the area. They has opposed Indian bunkers in Chumar ever since the Daulat Beg Oldie stand-off in 2013 and had asked the Indian authtorities to dismantle them completely.
India and China have signed 13 agreements and both the heads called for an early resolution of the boundary dispute. Mr.Modi also gave a clear and strong signal as he said that “Respect for each other’s sensitivities and concerns, and peace and stability in our relations and along our borders are essential for us to realise the enormous potential in our relations.” He expressed concerns about the rising incidents of stand-offs along the borders.



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